Fun Facts

I live in Frederick Maryland but my suit cases are always ready for my next travel. Most days you can find me binging on Netflix with my boys while eating popcorn drizzled in hot sauce. (I’m a Latina what can I say I love me some hot sauce)

I married the love of my life Luis after I built the courage to ask for his number. It was love at first sight; I always wanted to date a musician. (Lol) and now we have two energetic boys a toddler and a teen.

Some of the things I love include peppermint chocolate, coffee …lots of it, Iron man movie and fried palatine.

My passion for photography began at my local church where I was given my first pro camera to cover their events for social media. A couple years later I decided to expand my network start my journey as a professional photographer and love every second of it. I now teach a group of young adult photography in my church and inspire and encourage them to pursue and grow as a photographer like I did.

I always had a connection to photographs; I became the keeper of our family most cherished photograph in our family at a young age. I would take them and put them in albums or boxes and take them everywhere I moved to. I enjoy see my older son go through them and ask me questions about the people in the photo. When I look at a photograph it’s my way of time traveling. This is the feeling I transmit when you look through my galleries photograph, to create a sense of closeness and warmth even if you weren’t physically there.


hello. I'm Doris.


I know all the lyrics to the backstreet boys songs

Wanted to become a home interior decorator

I have a passion for chocolate

real moments


gorgeous florals

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I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

Napoli's Philosophy