Stacey & Carlos

As soon as I took the first shot of these two I knew they were going to be fun and authentic.
They met 10 years ago, they happen to be neighbors. She was the first that laid eyes on him and when she found out he was a drummer this added more to her curiosity. (Yup, she was the one to come on to him. Of course, he was interested; she is beautiful and full of life.)
Seeing a young couple full of love and laughter reminds me how beautiful marriage is and how simple it can be when you have the right person by your side.
Stacey and Carlos may God continue to bless your marriage with love, laughter, and patience. I can’t wait to capture the next chapter in your life…maternity session!!!!

Anthony & Amanda

Georgetown evening with Tony and Amanda was all relaxing, strolling and exploring the corners of this amazing busy spot. Thank you guys for bearing the heat with me, it was totally worth it looking at these images. These pictures are drool-worthy.
Tony was for years just another family friend until love stuck them, now they are getting married in the fall and I can’t wait to capture the beginning of their own family!

And to end the evening we dined at and I had the most amazing veggie tacos…I will definitely be back at this place.


Noemi & Guillermo

Yesterday I photographed my Pastor Noemi and her husband Guillermo for their 32nd wedding anniversary. This will mark our fourth year I take their portraits and I couldn’t be more honored. Every year we explore a new place, this year was the Meridian Hill Park in Washington DC.

I arrived at their house with baby Nathan (my toddler) and started going over her wardrobe for the session when a thunderstorm hit. I had checked the weather earlier but it must have changed suddenly and I almost thought we wouldn’t have our session but an hour later the skies started clearing so we rushed to the park and ended up having an amazing session. I always enjoy this time with them, Guillermo will have me laughing the whole time while Noemi through laughs encourages him to get serious. Despite the years, they both are full of energy, laughter and lots of love.

Another of my favorite reason for our annual get together is the amazing dinner we have to end a successful session. Noemi knows so many amazing restaurants that always leave my taste buds excited and yearning for more.

Guillermo and Noemi met at a church function. Guillermo was immediately captivated by her beauty and began working his charm. Noemi didn’t take notice of him on the first day but very soon his name was everywhere.  After some persuasion from her sister, she decided to take a chance and they started dating.

They dated for a year before they took time apart and a year after God directed them to each again. A year later they were married. Since then, they had two boys (now grown men) a dog named Coco and a warm loving home.

Noemi is one of the pastors of my home church and has a passion for Jesus, coffee, vintage, and shoes …pretty much everything beautiful, did I mention she is also an author!

Guillermo is a loving father, husband, and a loving pet owner! He has an undiscovered talented comedian and singer and a handyman!

They are perfect for each and I’m honored to continue our annual anniversary session!

Enjoy some of our blooper images and some merchandise images for Noemi gift shop